THE only digital gadget that can be seen here is the Casio calculator watch.

These small toys were items that kept the children of the eighties occupied for hours on end.

From the classic Rubix cube to sweetie bracelets that would take all day to nibble.

Rubik’s Snake was still popular among schoolchildren looking for something a little less linear. This 24-prismed contraption was named after what it looked like in its most simple form, though thousands of other shapes could be created, from cats and ostriches to ducks and castles.

These toys are a far cry away from the way that children play today.

Who can forget the figures from the classic cartoon e-Man and the Masters of the Universe to simply support toy production of Prince Adam, Skeletor, Man-at-Arms and co. Needless to say, they lacked the later appeal of Star Wars toys - a trip to a local indoor market could bag you Zodac, Man-E-Faces or Fisto for pennies, not the hundreds of pounds now demanded for a boxed Luke Skywalker.