A NEW book by Muzahid Khan details his “extraordinary journey” from a Bangladeshi village surrounded by paddy fields to 1980’s Oldham.

“The Gift of Giving” by Muzahid Khan, charts the strife of civil war in Asia and the huge readjustment in living conditions his family faced when they settled on Mars Street Oldham.

“Much has been written and said about the Windrush generation and their stoicism and heroism in the face of prejudice and institutional racism as they worked to establish better lives for themselves in Britain,” Muzahid said.

“There are similarities with my story. I remember the sheer excitement of coming to Britain, the sudden awareness that my background was different and the gradual realisation that in beating my demons, I should create a ladder for others to climb and achieve.”

Muzahid has become a highly influential mentor to businesses across the North West, a charity champion, and a leading figure within the community of Oldham.

Muzahid added: “I totally believe that if I give, whatever that may be - whether it's a smile, whether it's a pound, whether it's a million pounds, or whether it is organising something - I absolutely believe, without any shadow of doubt, that by giving I would receive in a miraculous way.”

In that spirit, he is donating all of the proceeds of his book to Maggie’s cancer care in Oldham.

Muzahid’s motivation for writing the book is the hope it will become something of a coaching manual for others.

Presenter and former Dinnerladies and Coronation Street star Shobna Gulati, said: “Muz has long been my friend and mentor. This is an extraordinary journey written by a man who is generous to his very core.”

National health campaigner and the founder of the Homeless-Friendly charity Dr Zahid Chauhan added: “I would highly recommend the chapters on Muz’s charitable and entrepreneurial work. He is a credit to his community and his philanthropic endeavours are an absolute inspiration.”

Published by Shopno Sriti Media, “The Gift of Giving” is priced at £12.95 and is available from Amazon.