AS part of Op-Sceptre week to reduce knife crime Oldham police are warning residents of the penalties incurred for carrying a knife.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, GMP Oldham wrote: “Carrying a knife can mean four years in prison, even if you don't use it.

“This means that any holidays you were planning, might not happen. Some countries may not allow someone with a criminal record in, even for just a holiday.”

GMP Stretford meanwhile wrote:“We're encouraging parents, guardians and extended family members, to talk to young members of your family about knife crime. Help raise awareness on how to recognise the signs of knife crime, and encourage them to think about the consequences.”

A separate Tweet read: “Some people who carry knives say they feel safer with one, or that they carry one for protection. However, research shows it is more likely that if you carry a knife you will either get hurt or arrested.”

Anyone who has concerns about someone they know or care about being involved in knife crime can receive help from crimestoppers by calling on 0800 555 111, or visuiting the Fearless campaign website at: