COMMUNITY groups have “saved” Royton North’s Greenbelt land from more than 1000 new houses.

That’s according to a Facebook post published on the Save Royton's Greenbelt Facebook group last month.

The post reads: “Save Royton’s Greenbelt and Royton North Greenbelt Action Group have successfully applied enough pressure on Oldham Council to get them to remove both Hanging Chadder and Thornham Old Road from the new draft of the GMSF (The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework) – now to be titled Places for Everyone.

“Our hard work has saved the building of over 1400 homes on Royton North’s Greenbelt land, since the original proposals came to light back in 2016.”

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The group is still waiting for confirmation but has thanked all its supporters and contributors.

The post has gained wide-spread support, attracting more than 300 likes and over 90 comments.

One commenter wrote: “Well done and thank you to you and all other members of the group, who have worked so hard to achieve a great result.”

Another added: “If this takes Hanging Chadder and Thornham Old Road off the table for good, then I couldn't be happier. Just to get to this position is testimony to the incredible hard work of the people in this group, and others who have campaigned tirelessly on this issue.”

They did however warn there was still a “long way” to go.

A third said: “A massive well done and thank you for the dedication, passion and resourcefulness of everyone involved.”

The community group opposes The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework proposals to build houses on Royton’s Greenbelt land.

The About section on the group’s Facebook page reads: “We have many concerns and believe that there are sufficient brownfield sites and land with existing planning permission in the borough to satisfy at least the next five year’s demand and the calculated requirement for industrial buildings is clearly over estimated.”