WHILST I support the footballers’ boycott of social media and taking the knee in order to hopefully end discrimination I ask myself if they really believe they are sending a powerful message what other messages do they send?

Surely the constant diving, feigning injury and general cheating to deprive the opposition, officials, paying fans and viewers (many children) out of fair result is also sending a powerful abhorrent message that cheating is good.

So pundits, managers and players alike should condemn it instead of saying clever play etc.

If a fraudster had brilliant scam to con your granny out of her life savings would you say that was clever?

Hopefully they will continue to take the knee and not just because it’s the only time they go to ground without screaming and clutching their face but to defeat abhorrent behaviour.

It sure would have more resonance if they treated the paying public with the decency and respect they want themselves.

Richard Whiteside

WHERE has this year gone?

I can not believe we are in May already and that we were in lockdown for so long.

I don't know about you but I am certainly not happy about having a year of our lives behind closed doors.

Time seems to be passing by so quickly and it is quite scary.

I live with my husband and he agrees that we need to spend more time doing what we enjoy because these years are just flying by.

Linda Eccles