A young man has been sent to detention for two years for stamping on the head of his victim during a public fight in Oldham town centre.

Rico Whitfield was involved in a brawl in July last year where he carried out the sickening attack on his victim.

But the father of the man who was attacked has said ten years would not have been enough.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard the two men were out with groups in the Upstep Wetherspoons.

After members of the group Whitfield was with attempted to pull a mask off someone in the other group a fight later broke out.

Punches were thrown inside the pub but it was when the two groups were outside that matters escalated.

The victim of Whitfield’s attack had been punched by another man and had landed on the ground.

It was then Whitfield ran and jumped landing on his head.

After committing the horrific attack he mimicked what he had just done to show off to his friends.

The victim was left unconscious for ten minutes and vomited when he came round.

Prosecutor David Toal revealed the impact of the assault on the victim.

He quoted a victim impact statement, which said: “The incident lasted around five minutes, it felt like it lasted forever.

“I am informed I was unconscious for around ten to fifteen minutes.

“It has left me concerned and worried if I go out in Oldham Town Centre or anywhere else.

“It has left me feeling I do not want to go out drinking.

“My friend told me he thought I was dead.”

The court heard he had been left with bruising but no abnormalities.

Whitfield was identified as the man responsible on CCTV and arrested in September.

When he was detained he was found with cannabis.

Initially the 20-year-old claimed he was not responsible, but eventually admitted affray, actual bodily harm and possession of the drug.

The plea was made on the basis he intended to cause more harm than was actually done.

Representing Whitfield, from Brushes Road in Stalybridge, defence counsel Saul Brody conceded a jail sentence was inevitable.

He said on close inspection of the footage one foot had landed on the chest and another on the head.

He said the case had “few mitigating features” but added “the defendant is 20 years of age, he has never been convicted of an offence of violence before.”

Imposing a sentence, judge Sophie McKone said the re-enactment showed Whitfield was “very pleased” with what he had done and described the attack was “wanton violence in public.”

She added: “Jumping on someone’s head while they are laying on the floor has to be a custodial sentence.”

Speaking after the hearing, the father of the victim, said the sentence was not enough.

He said: “It would not have been enough if he had got ten years.

“What intentions have you got if you jump on someone’s head?

“It has not really brought closure.”

He revealed he works as a nurse at Royal Oldham Hospital and got the call from his son’s girlfriend about what had happened and arrived to see his son on the ground unconscious covered in sick and blood.

He revealed he was considering counselling because of what had happened.