NHS CHARITIES Together has published the research to launch a new appeal urging the public to be ‘there for them’ as NHS staff face the triple challenge of dealing with the continuing impact of Covid.

With many experiencing mental health difficulties as a result of the pandemic, emotional scars will take months or years to heal.

NHS Charities Together will use the funds raised through the new appeal to significantly ramp up the mental health and wellbeing programmes and facilities available for staff across the UK.

The research shows the pandemic is having a significant impact on the mental health of NHS staff. Just over half the NHS staff surveyed reported that their mental health has declined since the start of the pandemic, with over two thirds of these (67%) reporting anxiety and a third (35%) reporting depression.

Staff attributed the greatest impact on their mental health to not being able to see friends and family (61%), not being able to make plans for the future (31%), concern about passing on Covid-19 to someone close to them (31%).

The NHS is doing a magnificent job but some of the burden is falling on NHS staff and it is taking its toll. Staff have been making difficult decisions every day when caring for very ill patients. The public showed overwhelming support for NHS staff over the last year, and we need to continue to be there for them, now and in the longer term as the NHS recovers from the most challenging time in its history. The NHS is doing all it can to support staff in this area, but the scale of the challenge is so huge. They need all of our support. It makes a huge difference for them knowing the public has got their back.

Ellie Orton

CEO of NHS Charities Together