DR KERSHAW'S Hospice announced its lottery winners for this week.

The lottery helps fund vital care for patients at the hospice and also helps support their families.

During the pandemic over 1,500 lottery players cancelled their subscription.

But here are the lucky winners' numbers who need to claim their prize.

1st prize of £1000.00 -114168 Royton

2nd prize of £50.00 - 121828 Royton

3rd prize of £50.00 - 101246 Oldham

4th prize of £50.00 - 055079 Hathershaw

5th prize of £50.00 - 748121 Lees

6th prize of £50.00 - 082418 High Crompton

If you would like to support Dr Kershaw's hospice visit www.drkershawshospice.org.uk.