VANDALS have damaged a new polytunnel in Royton Park just days after it was put in place.

The polytunnel is part of the park’s new growing hub which residents can use to produce their own fruit and vegetables.

Taking to social media, Oldham council wrote on its Facebook and Twitter pages: “We’ll now look to repair the damage with funds that could have been used on other improvement projects.”

The written message was posted alongside photos of the damage inflicted on the polytunnel.

The growing hub is intended to boost the mental and physical wellbeing of community groups in the area through gardening.

The damage inflicted on the new polytunnel in Royton Park

The damage inflicted on the new polytunnel in Royton Park

The hub is located at the western edge of Royton Park, adjacent to the boundary with Bleasdale Street.

During the growing hub’s planning stages, Matthew Suett said on behalf of Oldham council: “We propose to create a growing hub where community groups can come together and learn how to grow vegetables, socialise, and improve their general physical and mental wellbeing.”

The "Get Oldham Growing" project, led by the town hall, has created dozens of small and larger growing projects across the borough.

Anyone with information on the incident can contact: 0161 770 6644.