A FLY-TIPPER has been videoed dumping a mountain rubbish out of a white van in front of Toby Carvery Chadderton Park.

A video of the shocking incident appeared in the comments section of a Facebook post by Toby Carvery Chadderton Park on Burnley Lane, Oldham.

The post published on Monday includes two photos of huge piles of what looks to be household and construction waste.

The rubbish heaps appear to contain mattresses, shelving, wood parts and a suitcase among various other wrecked items and stuffed bin bags.

In a public plea, the post by Toby Carvery reads: “Thank you to the person who left us this gift.

“Does anyone have any CCTV around park estate from 11:58 today (Monday)? Looking for a white flatbed van.

“Please can you get in touch with us.”

The post has since been shared more than a dozen times and accumulated over 15 comments.

One person wrote: “That’s brutal, hope the culprit is caught.”

Another added: “Disgusting.....hope they can be traced.....name and shame them”.

The team at Toby Carvery also left several comments.

One read: “Hoping our CCTV has picked it up on entry/ exit” and another added: “We couldn’t make out the reg and by the time we ran downstairs it had sped off!”

The incident has been reported to The Oldham Council Environmental Health team, according to a further comment.

The Oldham Times:

The van dumped the rubbish and left

The Oldham Times reported in March that between 2019 and 2020, there were 1129 back alleyway incidents, 373 highway incidents, 298 footpath/bridleway incidents and 106 council land incidents in the borough, according to the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs.

In January, The Oldham Times launched a campaign, along with our new daily edition, in a bid to stamp out fly-tipping across the borough.

There are now £400 on-the-spot fines for anyone caught fly-tipping, the maximum fixed penalty notice allowed in law.

Residents can report incidences of fly-tipping at www.oldham.gov.uk/flytipping.