MORE than 10,000 calls have been taken by a mental health helpline that runs services in Oldham.

The team at the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust mental health helpline have handled over 10,000 calls from patients and carers - which amounts to over 9,000 hours of help in 12 months.

The team is made up of 75 colleagues, including therapists, nurses, ward staff, community staff, service managers and directors that have all worked shifts to provide their expertise and a listening ear.

A Facebook post by the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust reads: “There's been lots of positive feedback and callers said the service has stopped them self-harming, helped them understand their mental health, managed an immediate crisis and supported them in looking after family members.

“One person told us: “I feel encouraged that my life could be different after ringing the helpline, I feel I can breathe again. You have really made me feel better, I didn't think it was possible.”

For those who need it, the helpline is free to call any time on: 0800 014 9995