AN OLDHAM vet has alerted dog owners of the dangers of “toxic” rapeseed fields.

Taking to Facebook on Wednesday, Ian McConnell Veterinary Practice in Oldham, warned: “Rapeseed is listed by Dogs Trust as toxic to our dogs if ingested and can cause symptoms such as: haemolytic anaemia, blindness, damaged nervous system, digestive disorders and breathing problems.”

The warning comes as rapeseed season approaches, with farmer’s fields beginning to fill with the yellow plants.

The post continues: “However pretty the fields look, please do try to avoid walking through them with your dogs and certainly avoid having your dog pose for photos in fields of rapeseed.”

Some dogs can also suffer aftereffects from just running through rapeseed, according to the vet, with reports showing dogs can be “super sensitive” to the plant, suffering skin lesions and burn-like sores effecting their eyes and paws.

The post added that some dogs experience breathing difficulties from the pollen.

The public has been urged to seek “immediate” veterinary attention if their dog begins showing symptoms of poisoning.