A CHARITY which has served the community in Oldham during the coronavirus pandemic has spoken about the value of its "invaluable" volunteers in leading the efforts.

Action Together acted as a network before the health crisis, signposting people in the borough to causes that could help them.

But following the demand for support during the pandemic, Action Together started taking on its own emergency response volunteers.

And they have proved to be imperative in Oldham's fight against the virus

They have helped in a number of ways.

Volunteers from the charity have given up their own time by knocking on doors in the town and informing them about how people can keep safe and where they can receive vaccinations.

They have also played a vital role at pop up vaccination centres in the community such as Greenfield Mosque.

Volunteers have took part in marshalling at the sites, answering residents' queries and making sure they are sticking to the social distancing rules.

Action Together has also teamed up with Oldham Foodbank to help the cause with their efforts.

The organisation's Oldham programmes manager, Sharon McGladdery, has praised the volunteers for their continued efforts.

She said: "The volunteers have been helping since the start of the pandemic.

"The volunteers have been invaluable.

"We used to place other volunteers with different organisations but we have our own now and they have been amazing during the pandemic.

"A lot of people wanted to help and amazing people have come forward.

"They are so hardworking.

"They have helped with Oldham Foodbank through the pandemic.

"The volunteers have worked with Oldham Council and done doorstep engagement with residents getting the message out there to people.

"Most recently, they have been supporting vaccination centres at pop up sites."

Action Together's Community Response Fund has also helped groups across the borough.

People in Tameside and Rochdale are also being supported.

During June, the charity is holding a month of celebration in honour to volunteers who have support the areas.

A programme of events is ongoing in recognition of the work that different groups have done in the last year.

It is also launching its Volunteer Celebration Fund to make sure causes can continue to help.

Action Together has been working with May Wild Studio, an organisation inspired by handcraft, nature, storytelling, community and collaboration.

It is also teaming up with artists in Oldham to collect and share experiences of kindness during the pandemic.

The artists will then produce artwork in the town centre at the end of the month.

Action Together chief executive, Liz Windsor-Welsh, said: “We are extremely proud of our volunteers, from the new people helping at vaccination centres to our trustees who have volunteered for many years!

"Their passion and drive to help others is inspiring and vital to our communities and we have seen this even more so during the pandemic.

“Action Together has produced a badge of unity and hope to thank our volunteers for all of the support they provide.

“Our volunteers and those volunteering in organisations across Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside truly make a difference to local lives.”

For more details visit Action Together's website.