CHILDREN were left "terrified" and some were injured after a fairground ride in Chadderton toppled over on Saturday afternoon.

A carousel ride on Fun City's fairground on Railway Road was left on its side at around 4.15pm.

Witnesses described how it carried on moving, trapping children inside before parents rushed to free terrified youngsters from the ride.

Rebecca Adimora, 28, from Salem, watched in shock as her three-year-old son Reuben, got caught up in the incident.

She said: "It was terrible, just horrific.

"It fell really slowly to one side.

"The ride was still going and it hit the floor and was scraping across the floor slowly.

"I went over and had to yank Reuben out of the ride, there was complete panic.

"He was screaming and was really scared.

"There were other parents getting their kids out of the ride too."

Rebecca took Reuben to A&E after first aiders at the site checked him.

He suffered bruises to his face and elbow and was left with a lump on his head.

Rebecca added: "I think the ride was overfilled with older kids and there were too many on one side which caused it to tip over.

"Some of the kids were too big for that ride."

Another fairground visitor said: "My wife ran to free children and I jumped into the back side of the ride, pulling it down to upright it.

"Everyone was tangled up."

In a separate incident on another ride at the site, The Booster, which reportedly happened later on Saturday, a girl was injured after her hand was trapped under a safety bar.

She moved her hands and without any warning the restraint on the ride fastened tightly, bending her hand back.

The girl required medical attention.

Fun City has been approached for a comment about both incidents.

In response to the first incident, police, the ambulance service and the fire service confirmed that they attended the scene following a report of a fairground accident at the site.

Greater Manchester Police said that two children suffered minor injuries.

The force added that the ride was close and the health and safety executive (HSE) was notified.

A HSE spokesman said: “We are aware of incidents, which occurred at Fun City in Oldham on Saturday and are making further enquiries.”