A PIG called Gloria was given special treatment when she had a baby shower ahead of her due date.

Her birth is imminent and she is expected to have up to fourteen piglets any day soon to relieve the pressure of her 242cm baby bump.

Dad-to-be Boris the boar is also patiently awaiting the news after three months, three weeks and three days - the gestation in which a pig is pregnant for.

The Oldham Times: Gloria's baby shower

The event was organised at Cockfield's Farm by assistant manager, Lauren Owen, who said that Gloria was spoilt rotten on the day with her friends reindeer and sheep all in attendance.

Lauren said: "It was a lovely afternoon and Gloria had lots of people and animals to give her a great baby - or piglet shower.

"She was surrounded by balloons and we hand fed her fruit, a little girl called Poppy brought her a card and a wicker basket full of carrots and apples. She had a terrific day."

The Oldham Times: Gloria's baby shower

Visitors who attended Gloria's shower were able to have a go on the piglet sweepstake.

They could pick up a game card on arrival to the farm and had to guess the date, how many piglets and how many girls and boys will be born.

The winner will get a pig adoption pack, which includes a soft toy and details about Gloria.

Cockfields Farm is based in Lees New Road in Ashton and has a selection of animals that can be fed and petted by visitors.

Lauren also said that dad Boris is being kept in the loop ahead of the piglets being born.

She said: "We sent Gloria off to Boris on a three week holiday and she came back pregnant.

"She has been with us for two years and we are really excited to meet the little ones and our visitors will be able to have a cuddle too. Boris will be updated when the new arrivals make an appearance which will be any day soon.

"The birth will be announced on social media when they are here, but for now we are keeping our eye on her and cooling her down in this hot weather. Boris sadly can't be at the birth."