A PUB has hit out after being "threatened" when it has enforced coronavirus rules.

The Rose of Lancaster on Haigh Lane in Chadderton said staff have been working hard to ensure punters stick to the rules.

But a customer has taken exception and contacted the pub to say they do not have the right to ask people to wear face coverings.

A spokesman said: "Since opening after numerous lockdowns we have tried our best to be 100 per cent Covid safe and protect our staff and guests that enter the pub.

"We all understand that face masks are not liked especially when doing over a 12-hour shift we can totally understand people's frustration but they are worn to protect others from the spread.

"If someone is exempt from wearing (a mask) we simply ask to see any proof then we can make all our staff aware so they don’t ask you to put on a mask when your walking around the pub.

"And everyone is asked to track and trace at the entrance.

"These are our pub rules and we ask everyone to kindly follow them.

"We do not want to be threatened with social media when all we are doing is trying our best.

"It’s disheartening and upsetting, especially when you would think a world pandemic would bring people closer together."