POLICE in Greater Manchester have warned Oldham residents to avoid “highly dangerous” illegal raves, a year on from the the death of an attendee.

Joe Peter Robinson, 20, died at an illegal rave in Daisy Nook, Oldham in June 2020.

That same month an 18-year-old was stabbed at an illegal rave in Carrington, Trafford.

It took officers eight minutes, on foot, to reach him after he was reported as being unconscious and not breathing.

According to GMP it was quicker for officers to abandon their vehicles due to the "isolated location and uneven terrain".

Officers provided life-saving CPR and an ambulance took the victim to hospital.

In a recent statement police warned that as well as raves being illegal, they are also “highly dangerous to anyone in attendance”, as no medical teams are on-site to help in emergencies and if emergency services are needed, the remote sites and large crowds can cause delays.

Police also announced today that a dedicated policing operation will be in force this weekend to combat any illegal events at potential rave hotspots.

As part of the operation officers are visiting the addresses of organisers behind raves and issuing cease and desist letters. Attendees of illegal raves also face arrest and prosecution.

Assistant chief constable, Chris Sykes said: "Our message is clear; these events are unacceptable, they put lives at risk and they will not be tolerated.

"If you are thinking of attending an illegal rave please stop and think whether it's worth potentially risking your life for.”