A BARBER in Oldham has helped to launch a campaign in a bid to encourage young people to take up the offer of being given a coronavirus vaccine.

This week, people aged between 25 and 29 have been invited to get their first doses in the fight against Covid-19.

But some may decide not to get vaccinated, especially with conspiracy theories circulating on social media telling people not to get a jab.

To combat misinformation about the effects of vaccines, the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is teaming up with shops that speak with customers regularly such as barbers and beauticians in a new campaign, VaccChat.

Lead barber at Town Barbers Too in Tommyfield Market, Patrick Scrivens, was keen to get involved.

Patrick, 49, from Oldham, said: “I have been double vaccinated and so has my wife, and my son has been vaccinated. My parents are in their late 70s and they have also had their vaccines and had no problems either.

“Barbers like myself speak to the public and I have a lot of conversations with people about Covid and the vaccines.

“I am a believer in the vaccines and I will talk to people about it.

“Younger people can feel like they are bulletproof and may not feel they need the vaccine. But it could help everyone in the long term.

“I am getting involved in this for the greater good.”

Immunisations and screening lead at the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Christine Khiroya, hopes the campaign will boost people’s trust about the vaccines.

She said: “We want to give people the correct information about the vaccines and have these conversations about how they can get that information by directing them to the NHS’ website.

“It is important for people to protect themselves and others in the community and to also have their second doses. Businesses can also sign up to the campaign.”

Visit gmhsc.uk/VaccChat for more details.