MCDONALD'S restaurants are known around the world – with five outlets alone across Oldham.

Customers have the opportunity to rate the giant fast food chain's stores on Google and we have taken a close look at the write-ups after visits to outlets in the borough.

Marked out of five starts, the town centre eaterie on High Street has the best rating with 3.8 after 922 reviews.

But all five in Oldham are all fairly evenly matched.

After going to the High Street branch, one customer said: "This restaurant is my preferred one. I eat in a lot of restaurants but here I constantly return again and again.

"I would always prefer to have a decent dinner here.

"I highly recommend this place."

Another added: "This place is always mega busy, must be doing something right enjoy."

The Failsworth branch on Oldham Road has a rating of 3.7 stars after 1,590 reviews.

One customer said: "What can I say, its McDonald's food.

"What makes this place are the staff who are very nice especially the guy who's always working around the restaurant area, just such a hard-working pleasant human being."

A second reviewer wrote: "Online take away service went without an issue and food came out very quickly. No problems."

Meanwhile, the McDonald's store on Huddersfield Road also has a ranking of 3.7 stars after 1,386 reviews.

One customer said: "Quick service with smiley eyes, hot food, what more can you ask for?"

A second visitor added: "Really nice staff and they work really hard to get my food."

The company's restaurant on Elk Mill Retail Park in Royton stands in fourth spot with a score of 3.5 after a hefty 1,653 Google reviews.

One diner said: "Great store, amazing food/service.

"Really enjoy this store for a family day."

Last month another customer added: "It's definitely got a lot better recently."

McDonald's Chadderton outlet on Jardine Way has an overall rating of 3.3 stars following 1,621 reviews.

Someone who ate at the premises said: "Nice staff. Always busy at weekend for breakfast."

A second wrote: "Never had an issue with my order."