A TAKEAWAY owner has been left "heartbroken" after its unit was wrecked by vandals with racist graffiti spray-painted at the premises.

Uncle's Tea Hut, based at Kaly's Playland on Havelock Street in Oldham, was targeted by a group of yobs in the early hours of the morning.

They spray-painted a racial slur on the outside of the hut-style unit and caused extensive damage to the equipment inside.

The Oldham Times:

The Oldham Times:

The shocking incident, which happened for around 25 minutes from 2.45am to 3.10am on Tuesday, June 22, follows an arson attack at their previous base on Alexandra Retail Park in February.

Muzafar Iqbal, 34, from Oldham, opened the business with his friend Imran Khan in October after being inspired by the growing trend of Asian tea and donut outlets in Bradford.

And they had an "amazing response" from customers when it first opened.

He said: "There is CCTV which shows a car park up and three men got out.

"They then ground the locks off the hut and smashed everything up inside.

"They spray-painted [a racial slur] on the hut and scribbled on the menu boards inside.

"They did not take anything.

"There was a charity box and a mobile phone and expensive equipment there but they didn't take it.

"I was shocked and heartbroken and thought I have had enough. My kids were also upset when they heard what happened."

Despite the damage caused, Mr Iqbal is not giving in to the criminals.

He is also unsure whether the attackers are racists or people disguising themselves in this way.

He thought the arson attack in February may have been from a business in competition with his but this remains unclear too.

"I thought whoever did it wanted us to close but we opened the next day", Mr Iqbal said.

"People have been ringing me from different places and helping us.

"I do not think this was a racist attack, I think it may have happened from within my community."

Mr Iqbal is now looking for a new premises to operate from. If you know a suitable location contact him on 07889 273980.

If you have any information about the vandalism contact police on 101.