AN OLDHAM salon has issued a public warning after an acrylic nail caused a “young girl’s” natural nail to be ripped off.

Naomi the owner of The Doll Lounge on Ripponden Road, Oldham, who wanted to be referred to by her first name only, took to Facebook on Friday, July 9 in a plea to parents to stop letting children get acrylic nails from ‘non reputable’ salons.

It came after she had to remove a “little girl’s” set of acrylics after one of the false nails got caught and pulled the girl’s own nail clean off the nail bed.

The Oldham Times: WARNING:The acrylic nail got caught and pulled the girl’s own nail clean off.WARNING:The acrylic nail got caught and pulled the girl’s own nail clean off.

The little girl, who is under 10 years-old, had got the acrylic nails done for her birthday, according to the Facebook post by The Doll Lounge.

The post added that her mum had taken her to a town centre salon which used electric files, or drills, on her natural nails and monomer, a chemical which contains Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) which is prohibited but cheaper than safer alternatives. Salons are meant to use ethyl methacrylate (EMA).

The Facebook post continued: “These kinds of salons will apply nails to basically anyone as they are not professionals, they are not educated and just want your money, they don’t care about clients and their well-being.

“Unfortunately for this little girl she caught her nail resulting in the acrylic nail pulling her own nail off its nail bed due to her nail being so soft and the fact they used a monomer which contains MMA which is ridiculously dangerous.”

Naomi removed the girl’s acrylic nails and applied “good old-fashioned nail varnish”.

She later told The Oldham Times: “We understand little girls want to be like their mummies, but it honestly saddens us to know there is still NSS (non-standard salons) who don’t follow the professional guidelines set out in the industry regarding applying acrylics to children.

“Anyone who is trained at a reputable training centre would understand the dangers of all the chemicals involved. Children’s nails are thin and flexible and still developing, applying acrylics so early can permanently cause children harm as it did with this little girl in question. Most people’s insurance would be void, as most insurers advise over 15s only.

“All we can hope is that one day industry regulations/laws are improved/changed so that it’s against the law.”

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