A CRASH between a car and a tram in Oldham brought services to a grinding halt this morning.

At around 10am the smash between the car and tram caused disruption to Metrolink services.

An eyewitness at the scene, Chris Loftus, who runs the Facebook page MADE IN OLDHAM memories, said: "A car coming out of Peter Street, Oldham hit the tram lights".

He added: " There is no one hurt". 

A spokesperson from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) confirmed the crash.


The spokesperson said: "There was a collision involving a car and a tram near to Oldham Central at 9.55am this morning, which impacted tram services on the line for a short while (circa 30mins) – during which time bus ticket acceptance was put in place. The scene was cleared at 10.30am."

The crash comes after TfGM launched a campaign to encourage motorists to be ‘tram aware’.

TfGM head of Metrolink, Danny Vaughan, said: “It’s vital that motorists remain vigilant and attentive when driving close to the Metrolink network – particularly in those areas where our trams run on the highway.

“Our M-5000 trams weigh almost 40 tonnes and have the potential to cause significant injury and damage if they are involved in a collision, so please take extra care when driving.

“Most collisions are down to motorist error, and our recent ‘be tram aware’ campaign was launched to not only reduce the number of collisions between road vehicles and trams – and therefore reduce the risk of people getting injured – but also the additional consequences, such as the financial cost and the disruption caused to our customers.”