THE Oldham Conservatives have joined the mounting opposition against plans for an incinerator in partnership with the Wheeldon Brothers waste handling facility in Heyside, Royton.

Conservative Councillor for Royton North Dave Arnott believes plans for the incinerator on Mossdown Road, formally known as the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), makes a “mockery” of the Oldham Council’s “Green New Deal” pledge made in March 2020.

It comes after Synenergy, the developer behind the project, announced it would be reviewing its proposals before submitting a planning application to Oldham Council.

Cllr Arnott said: “This “Toxic Tower” development as it has been dubbed is not wanted by Royton residents. A similar plan for this site was proposed in 2018, which was rejected. However, the developers, Synenergy are clearly intent on building on a much larger scale.

“The impact on the local area cannot be overstated, a 55m tall chimney that will dominate the area, with potentially up to 18,000 additional HGV journeys through Royton and Shaw a year, along with the creation of a “blot on the landscape” for generations to come in Royton, with extraordinarily little in return. It is estimated that once “up and running”, the plant would create as few as 40 jobs.”

He added: “Given the millions of pounds that is being spent in Oldham on the eco park called Northern Roots, it is a rum deal that Royton could end up with an incinerator.”

On June 24, it took 22 hours and 50 firefighters to bring a blaze at the Wheeldon Brothers facility under control.

Oldham Liberal Democrat Group leader councillor Howard Sykes had hoped the blaze would bring an end to proposals.

In a recent statement the councillor said: “This is just not the right site.The local community would be massively affected by the increase in heavy truck traffic travelling to and from the site, and we all share grave concerns about the negative impact on public health that would result from the air pollution generated through burning millions of tons of waste on site every year”.

A spokesperson from Synenergy, said the fire demonstrated the “importance of safe, appropriately regulated and well managed waste-management facilities”, something that its proposals would “focus on delivering for Oldham”.

Former leader of the Oldham Council, Sean Fielding supported the scheme when it was announced last year, however Hannah Roberts, Labour councillor for Royton North, said the Labour councillors in Royton “will do everything” to bring an end to the project.