A PET shop in Chadderton has been targeted by thieves described as a “flip flop wearing scumbag and his mate”.

At around 4pm last Thursday, August 26, two men were captured on CCTV dragging a kennel from outside the Rawsome Pets store on Neville Street, Chadderton before bundling it in a white van and fleeing the scene.

The following day after notifying police, the store posted a public appeal on Facebook in the hope to track down the thieves.

The post, which includes screenshots from CCTV footage of the theft, reads: “We'd appreciate a quick share to see if Facebook can help find this flip flop wearing scumbag and his mate who stole our kennel.”

The screenshots not only reveal the faces of the thieves but also the van’s the registration plate. It is believed the getaway vehicle has no insurance or MOT. The van’s registration plate has been blurred by The Oldham Times as the CCTV images have not been released by the police.

The store later posted the full CCTV footage of the theft in the comments beneath the Facebook post.

The post has so far been shared more than 200 times and garnered more than 30 comments from shocked members of the public. Despite the response the thieves have not yet been caught.

One person wrote: “Disgusting.I am so sorry this has happened to you. You’re working hard with the business, and this is the last thing that should be happening.”

Another added: “I cannot believe the nerve of them. Hopefully they are outed and brought to justice.”

A third simply said: “Get them in the doghouse”.

The Oldham Times has contacted Greater Manchester Police for an update.