A CAFE and farm shop in Saddleworth is appealing for patience from its customers after two of them were ‘extremely rude’ to staff in training.

Albion Farm Shop and Cafe in Delph made the appeal in a post on Facebook at the weekend.

They said the two customers were ‘very unpleasant’ and ‘extremely rude’, complaining that the cafe should not allow staff in training to work at the same time.

The customers seem to have been frustrated with the size of the menu and the speed of the service at the cafe.

However, two other customers are said to have stepped in and defended staff ‘humorously’.

Albion Farm Shop and Cafe’s post said: “Today we had two very unpleasant customers who were extremely rude to members of our staff, telling us that we shouldn’t be allowing staff to work whilst they’re being trained.

“But it was actually the two gentlemen who stepped in and humorously defended our staff who left the biggest impression on us today.

“We can’t thank them enough for making us smile instead of burst into tears,” it added.

It was in a photo attached to the post that the cafe made its appeal.

It said: “The whole world is short staffed. Be kind to those who showed up.

“Many of our staff are in training and learning under pressure as they go along, so please be patient if we have a smaller menu and slower service than you are used to receiving from us.

“Thank you to everyone for all your continued support through this difficult period, and we all hope to offer more stability as soon as possible.”

A lack of staff and some ‘extremely rude’ customers are not the only issues to be encountered by the cafe in the last few months.

At the start of August, Albion Farm Shop and Cafe was left ‘devastated’ after an alleged incident in which a group of around 15 travellers rammed its doors and intimidated the people inside.

Police were called and an investigation was started.

In a statement at the time of the alleged incident, Greater Manchester Police said no arrests had been made, but reassured the public it took anti-social behaviour and violence ‘extremely seriously’.

The Oldham Times has asked Greater Manchester Police for an update on the investigation.