RESIDENTS on a street in Royton feel their concerns about the access road for a planned development of almost 100 homes are falling on “deaf ears”.

UPDATE: Council responds to Royton residents' access road concerns.

A planning application for the development on the site of the old Vernon Works was submitted by Kellen Homes to Oldham Council in April.

It came after the approval of an earlier planning application for the demolition of the former cotton mill, which is now underway.

A leaflet about the development was posted to residents in spring, and a consultation on the planning application ran from May until June.

However, residents on Radcliffe Street feel their concerns – which focus on the access road to the homes – are still not being heard.

Julie Jones told The Oldham Times she has written to the council’s planning department, councillors and Oldham West and Royton MP Jim McMahon about the problem.

She said: “Our concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

"I think we have been completely ignored.”

Ms Jones fears the council will “bulldoze” the plans through without “any kind of communication with residents”.

She wants Kellen Homes to consider moving the access to the homes from Radcliffe Street to High Barn Street, where the developer is planning to close off an existing entrance.

At the least, she would like a meeting to be held to give residents more of a chance to share their concerns.

With parking and traffic already a problem on Radcliffe Street, Julie thinks the addition of almost 100 homes and all of the cars that come with them will make the problem a lot worse.

And according to a number of comments on the consultation on the planning application, she is not the only one.

One commenter wrote: “The proposed single entrance and exit off Radcliffe Street is ridiculous.

“It would massively increase traffic on a quiet part of the street.”

Another resident said the access was in “the worst possible position”.

They wrote: “One entrance would end up a disaster.

“For example, if somebody were to break down in this entrance, it would cause absolute chaos.

Responding to the residents' concerns, a spokesperson for Kellen Homes said: "Kellen Homes' plan for the old Vernon Works presents an opportunity to regenerate a brownfield site and deliver much-needed affordable homes.

"Following a public consultation earlier in the year, as well as ongoing liaison with planning officers at Oldham Council, we have submitted a planning application which we believe delivers the best layout and access strategy when taking into account all factors."

The Oldham Times has also asked Oldham Council for a comment.