OLDHAM Council has responded to a plea from residents on a street in Royton for their voices to be heard.

Yesterday, The Oldham Times reported residents on Radcliffe Street felt their concerns about a development at the old Vernon Works were falling on "deaf ears".

Their concerns revolved around the access road to the development of almost 100 homes, which it is feared might cause "chaos" if planning permission is granted.

However, the council is now reassuring residents that the views expressed during a consultation in May and June have been considered, and that there will be another chance to express views at a meeting of the planning committee.

A spokesperson for Oldham Council said: "When assessing a planning application, we take all comments received into consideration.

"However, residents or other interested parties are notified that in submitting those comments, officers are unable to enter into detailed discussions or correspondence on the merits of the development.

"Our officers are available, however, to respond to factual queries about the application where a person may want to clarify their understanding of a particular matter before submitting their comments.

"Those comments will be presented in the officer's report to planning committee.

"The planning application for Vernon Works in Royton will be considered at a planning committee meeting in due course and an individual can request to speak in objection of an application at the committee once the agenda is published, as per our public speaking policy at planning committee.

"Individuals with shared or similar objections are encouraged to co-ordinate so that one person can speak on behalf of all objectors."

Kellen Homes, the developer seeking planning permission for the development at the old Vernon Works, also provided a comment.

They said the access road was the "best" option "taking into account all factors".

A spokesperson for Kellen Homes said: Kellen Homes' plan for the old Vernon Works presents an opportunity to regenerate a brownfield site and deliver much-needed affordable homes.

"Following a public consultation earlier in the year, as well as ongoing liaison with planning officers at Oldham Council, we have submitted a planning application which we believe delivers the best layout and access strategy when taking into account all factors."

Oldham Council's planning committee is meeting on Wednesday, but the development at the old Vernon Works is not on the agenda.

It is not known when the council will consider the development.