A road in Oldham was closed for just over two hours today as a man climbed to the roof of a property and threatened to jump.

Emergency services were called to Ashton Road just before 11am.

Upon their arrival they found a man on top of scaffolding on what used to be the Demolitions building.

The property in question used to be a gym and was having work done on it.

The fire service was also sent to the scene and police negotiators began to engage with the man, who at times could be seen pacing up and down the top of the building.

Friends and relatives of the person in question were fast on the scene and expressed concerns for his welfare.

The man was described as a “young kid from the estate."

While the situation was ongoing cordons were set up and traffic was diverted away from the road.

Another cordon was set up to prevent pedestrians coming onto the street near the Horse Shoe pub on Knott Lanes.

A police spokesperson said at the time: “Officers were called to Ashton Road, Oldham, at about 10.52am today, 14 September, over concerns for the welfare of a man.

“The man is on the roof of a building and is engaging with police.

“There is a scene ongoing and road closures in place.”

Shortly after 1pm the man made an initial attempt to come down through the scaffolding, but half way there changed his mind as he was concerned for what action police would take when he reached the ground.

He could then be seen in a distressed state, shouting and throwing items off the roof.

At around 1.20pm he opted to come down voluntarily.

He was greeted by family members and was transported to hospital at the end of the incident.

The road was opened again fully at around 1.30pm.