AN application has been rejected after concerns were raised by police over a shop's proposed new premises licence holder.

Proposals were submitted to Oldham Council to transfer the premises licence of the store known as Eagle Off Licence in Hathershaw, which has used the name Magazin Romanesc Tecuci on its shop.

Two applications sought to change the premises licence holder and the designated premises supervisor Satar Rasul Farag.

In his submission, Mr Farag said the Ashton Road premises closed two months ago.

After the plans were lodged, Greater Manchester Police objected to the proposed changes.

Licensing officer PC Clegg said Mr Farag is the proprietor of a similar business where police and Trading Standards "have had interest for some time".

He reported that Mr Farag received a caution for the possession of 2,420 mixed brand illicit cigarettes and tobacco in January 2016.

The following year, he was found in possession of 3,120 more illegal cigarettes and was prosecuted at Manchester Magistrates' Court in 2019, PC Clegg said.

And last year, another 5,232 cigarettes were found at Mr Farag's premises, it has been alleged, with court proceedings ongoing.

Mr Farag has also been accused of having 4,730 sticks of illicit cigarettes at his premises three months ago after a Trading Standards visit. It was reported they were hidden under shelving.

PC Clegg says there is "nothing direct to say Mr Farag is seeking to sell illicit branded alcohol" but he does have concern for his consideration of the "safety of the public due to his previous activities".

The officer also said Mr Farag has "numerous issues" with anti-social behaviour "linking directly to people using his shop".

PC Clegg added that, with a primary school in at the area and a housing estate just behind the shop which is home to many families along with a restaurant next door, there could be a risk to young people if illegal activity were to take place there.

The council's licensing committee met on Tuesday to discuss the applications for the proposed change of premises licence holder and the designated premises supervisor.

And the committee turned down both applications.