Covid cases in Oldham have begun to fall and the death rate is also going down.

The latest figures from Public Health England show there were 87 cases in the town today.

Across the last week there have been 718 positive tests, which is a drop of 13.4 per cent from the seven days before this.

Nationwide cases are dropping at a slightly faster rate of 18.4 per cent.

The rate of Covid per 100,000 people in Oldham stands at 342.1, still slightly below the UK rate of 360.

There were no deaths recorded in Oldham today which came within 28 days of a positive test for the virus.

There have been four fatalities in the past week, a drop of a third from the previous week.

Across the UK there were 201 deaths today and deaths are going up at a rate of 4.4 per cent.

152,972 people in Oldham have now had a first dose of the vaccine, which is 76.1 per cent of those aged 16 and above.

Of these 137,517 have had a second dose, which is 68.4 per cent of those eligible.

Nationally 89.2 per cent of those aged 16 and above have had a first dose and 81.3 per cent have had a second dose.