AMIR Khan has claimed he was kicked off an American Airlines flight "for no reason" en-route to a training camp.

The Bolton-born fighter is currently preparing for an expected fight with fellow British boxer Kell Brook.

But after boarding a flight an American Airlines flight in New York, bound for Colorado Springs, the 34-year-old became embroiled in a disagreement with flight staff.

Khan says cabin crew alleged his companion's face mask was not sufficiently covering his face, as the flight prepared to depart.

He believes a fellow passenger may have complained about this before staff intervened. He was eventually escorted from the plane by police, he says.

Khan added, in a video on his Twittter account that he didn't believe either of them had "had caused a scene where they had to take us off the plane".

He said: "I have never seen anything like this before in my life - I am literally heartbroken.

"I just wanted to be in camp and obviously I'm not now."

The former world champion used the hashtag 'notallterrorists' with his tweet and said he was "disgusted" and felt it was "disrespectful", the way the pair had been treated.

Khan still plans to fly out to Colorado Springs but he has demanded answers from the airline.

An American Airlines official, via the social media platform, said: "We want all of our customers to feel welcome each and every time they fly with us.

"Please send a DM (direct message) with details and the best contact info."