Two Failsworth-based GPs have launched a range of supplements that aim to address the nutrient deficiency that people in the United Kingdom are facing according to a report.

The Health & Food Supplements Information Service (HSIS) released a report in 2019 warning that the UK was "sleep walking into serious illnesses" due to poor diets and people not getting enough vital nutrients.

Now GPs Mark Wilshere and Marc Crutchley, known as Dr Marks, are providing a range of supplements they say will help the British people get the required vitamins and nutrients they need.

Dr Wilshere said: "The biggest problem is a lot of people don't realise they are nutrient deficient."

He continued by saying "people aren't getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals" and this was affecting people's "general health and wellbeing".

There are five separate supplements: pregnancy, vitamin D, immune support, multivitamin for men and multivitamin for women.

According to Dr Wilshere, the vitamin supplement market has become saturated with companies selling supplements with no qualifications. With many of the patients they received having nutrient deficiencies and the market being unregulated, Dr Wilshere and Dr Crutchley decided they would produce vitamin supplements themselves.

The report from the HSIS says nearly one in four people are vitamin D deficient and Dr Marks would recommend everyone to take a vitamin D supplement. Some of the other nutrients people are often deficient in are iron and vitamin B12.

The two doctors want to improve the nutritional decline the UK is facing through their supplements and education on healthier living.

Both doctors run Quayside Medical Practice in Failsworth. Their supplements can be bought in pouches that contain 60 capsules. Pouches can be bought on their website, with their products to be available on Amazon by mid-October.