A GREATER Manchester Police (GMP) officer sent a picture of a dead body to a member of the public for "no policing purpose", a misconduct hearing found.

The constable was given a written warning following a misconduct meeting on July 23.

In a round-up of GMP misconduct hearings from June to September, a range of cases were revealed.

It was discovered a PC gained "unauthorised access to police data regarding known sex workers, one of whom the

officer then met twice".

The officer was convicted of misconduct in public office and sentenced to eight months imprisonment.

A special case hearing concluded that the officer would have been dismissed if they were still serving with GMP.

In a gross misconduct hearing it was found that an inspector "engaged in unwanted sexualised behaviour towards two lower ranking members of staff, off duty, at a social event".

A final written warning was given to the officer.

A member of GMP staff took "indecent photographs of themselves in the workplace" and sent the images and a "naked" picture of themselves to a colleague, a gross misconduct hearing found.

In all of the pictures their "GMP lanyard and/or ID badge" could "clearly" be seen.

A final written warning was given to the worker.

In a separate case, a constable "engaged in sexualised correspondence with a member of the public he met off duty via social media".

"Some of the content included images of the officer with items of police uniform, one sent while on duty", it was revealed.

The officer was given a final written warning after a gross misconduct meeting.

A GMP staff member was convicted of permission to drive other than in accordance with a licence and without insurance.

A gross misconduct hearing also found that when the worker was asked to stop by police in a signed vehicle, "they sought to mislead the officers by moving to the driver's seat and the driver moved to hide in the rear footwell".

It was decided that the worker would have been dismissed if they were still been employed by the force.

A PC was dismissed without notice in a gross misconduct hearing after using "unreasonable force against his partner" on two occasions, while off duty.

A constable was convicted of two counts of driving without due care and attention.

"The officer, off duty, drove in an inappropriate manner with children in the vehicle", a misconduct meeting heard and was given a final written warning.

A member of police staff was given a written warning after a "with cause" drugs test was conducted "which provided a positive result for cocaine".