A COUPLE who found themselves lost in darkness in Saddleworth were rescued at the weekend.

Oldham Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT) were received a call from Greater Manchester Police on Saturday to find a couple.

As team members were getting ready, their duty callout officer sent a message, establishing their couple's location as Middle Edge Moss, above Birchen Clough.

The couple only had limited phone battery, it was discovered.

The 11-strong crew gave them warm clothing and torches, and escorted them back to the vehicles to be checked over by the team’s medic.

OMRT leader Rob Tortoishell has warned people to me more careful as winter sets in.

He said: "With changing weather and the nights drawing in, we would advise people to be even more prepared if they are venturing into the hills.

“ Always carry spare clothing and food, take a map and compass – and know how to use them.

"Do tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back, have a torch with spare batteries, and fully charge your mobile phone so you can stay in contact if the worst does happen.

“If you do need assistance when in a wild or remote place, dial 999, ask for police then mountain rescue.

“Knowing exactly where you are will help the response hugely – although location apps may aid us in finding you, there is no substitute for an accurate OS grid reference location."

The team were involved in the operation for an hour and 50 minutes.

He added: "As a rescue service we are happy to assist anyone in distress.

"We don’t judge our casualties and respectfully ask our followers to act in a similar manner.

"Let’s keep it positive folks!”