A RESTAURANT and bar will be allowed to host two events this weekend after an objection made by Oldham’s environmental health team over noise concerns was withdrawn.

Chillz Restaurant, Bar and Lounge in Failsworth submitted a temporary event notice application to welcome visitors for an “Old School Night” on Friday, November 26 and a celebration of African music the following evening.

The sale of alcohol and regulated entertainment for 100 people from 10pm until 4am at the Oldham Road premises was included in the plans for the events.

In the application form sent to the council, applicant Enitan Omolaja explained the purpose of both events.

For the Friday event, she said: “This is a one-off event to celebrate our last old school night event of the year. We host an Old School Night every last Friday of the month and this event has become very popular among our customers.

“The arrangement of the event is that the DJ plays popular old school music from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s in the background and we have also made provision for two doormen to provide extra security for the night.”

With regards to the Saturday event, Miss Omolaja added: “This is a one-off event to celebrate the diverse genre of African music e.g. Afrobeat, Amapiano, etc.

“We hope this event will forge better and stronger bond/unity within the African community in Manchester and help publicise the restaurant.”

But after the application was made, senior environmental health officer Paul Edmonds made a written objection.

In an email, he wrote: “Given the proximity of the residential complex at Ben Brierley Wharf and prior complaints about this venue (from an address on Oldham Road), we would oppose these events, as there are certain to be noise complaints from local residents, both about the playing of music and noise from persons leaving at 4am. We note that their current licensed hours are until 2am already on the dates in question.”

The application was set to be debated by the council’s licensing panel last week.

But the council confirmed it was taken off the agenda after the environmental health team spoke with the applicant, “who satisfied their concerns”. Environmental health also noted that no complaints had been received after two previous temporary event notices were issued in September and October for the same hours, the local authority added.