PLANS have been granted to demolish a former chapel building in Oldham to make way for it to be used for a van storage and sales site.

An application was made to demolish the former Werneth Gospel Hall on Tattersall Street with the land to be reused for a base for vans to be kept there in connection with the neighbouring OMC Ford van sales garage.

The site will also be used for sales.


The OMC Ford van site next to the former Werneth Gospel Hall site

The OMC Ford van site next to the former Werneth Gospel Hall site

A planning statement, prepared for applicant OMC Ford, said: "The former chapel use has now ceased and the site is currently vacant.

"It has its own access onto Railway Road, a cut off, dead end road, resulting from alterations to the road network in the past to accommodate Manchester Street.

"What is proposed is that the existing chapel building is demolished and the site be cleared for reuse for the parking of vans in association with the existing OMC Ford van sales centre adjacent.

"The sites will be linked together to form one large van sales site.

"No buildings are proposed on the site as all the buildings required to service the use area already on the existing OMC Ford site.

"The site already has substantial fencing around it. Parts of the will be upgraded with Paladin security fencing.

"The existing access will be retained."

"The proposed use of the site for the parking of vans is within the area’s character where there is already numerous business parking areas and traffic."

In conclusion, the statement added: "The proposed use will provide a much needed employment for the town and it makes the most efficient use of this existing site."

After considering the proposals, council planning applications gave the application the green light this week.