A PUB in Shaw which offered 100oz steak meals to people for free if they could finish them is getting plenty of interest about its new eating challenge.

The Black Ladd on Buckstones Road launched its steak challenge in November, which, as well as the huge portion of meat, included a bowl of chips, onion rings and tomatoes.

Participants were told they must finish the serving within an hour and would not have to pay if they completed it.

But those who could not finish it had to pay £59.95.

After the challenge finished at the end of November, the pub's general manager, Keiran Leach, said around 20 people attempted the feat but no-one managed to clear their plate.

One person ate 90oz of the 100oz steak but ultimately fell short.

Now the pub has announced a breakfast challenge on social media, which starts in February, and have given budding competitors a glimpse of what they will face on the day.

Again, those who complete it will not be charged.

A picture of the giant breakfast, decorated on a silver platter, appears to include four sausages, two piles of bacon, generous helpings of hash browns, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, eggs and black puddings.

And there are stacks of slices of toast spread around the dish as well.

Sharing the picture, the pub posted on social media: "As no one was able to defeat the steak challenge in November last year, we thought we’d shake things up a little by offering a English traditional breakfast challenge.

"Who will be able to defeat the belly buster?

"Keep an eye out for updates and for booking details how to reserve your slot time if you want to take down this challenge."


The breakfast people will be challenged to eat

The breakfast people will be challenged to eat


Reacting to the pub's post, one said: "That's a game changer of a breakfast."

Another added: "Easy peasy if the bacon's well done and can I swap the black pudding for something."

A third said: "If you could swap the beans (and) tomato for your choice I'd be happy to try it."

Lots of people also tagged their friends in on the Facebook post, inviting them to take up the challenge.

In response to some comments, the pub said it would be happy to swap certain food items to suit the customer's preferences.