AN organisation owned by a group of Latics fans have bought an events venue based at Boundary Park.

The Fan Led Group (FLG), which has been operating the Oldham Event Centre Ltd (OEC) since May 2019, has now purchased it from Simon Blitz and Danny Gazal.

The FLG has also welcomed the Organisational Learning Centre (OLC), an education provider which focuses on opportunities for the BAME community, into the venue.

The FLG has agreed a 10-year deal with OLC to uses a section of the venue as their Oldham campus.

A successful first semester finished in December with more than 100 students using the facility, the FLG said, which added it is a "great deal for both parties and provides long-term benefits for each organisation".

FLG director Simon Brooke said: “As a group we are really happy to have purchased OEC Ltd from Simon And Danny.

"We have been running the business for some time and have produced some very promising results even through the challenges of Covid."

The FLG has implemented a number of positive changes during the pandemic including creating a matchday bar for more than 200 fans each game

Mr Brooke said the group has also been instrumental in supporting the community including providing more than £80,000 worth of free parking for the NHS through the health crisis.

It has also donated equipment to Oldham Foodbank and is giving Andy's Man Club a "cost-free home" to help with the charity's work with mental health.

Mr Brooke added: "The purchase allows us to further develop the facility into a successful business, part of this is the welcoming of OLC, who have made a substantial commitment to us.

"We have a number of further announcements to come and we look forward to sharing these developments with you over the coming weeks.”