PLANS to build 201 houses at land occupying an abattoir in Shaw are set to be decided next week after a raft of objections such as road safety concerns.

An outline planning application to construct up to 250 homes at land where Cowlishaw Abattoir stands following the demolition of buildings was approved in October 2020.

A reserved matters application was then put forward to build 201 properties on the site.

But after the proposals emerged, a total of 55 objections were made.

Among the representations, it was reported that there have been a "number of accidents at the junction of Shaw Road and Cocker Mill Lane due to poor visibility from parked cars and the proposal will increase the risks".

Both roads are "not suitable or safe for another 300-400 cars", another objector said.

Concerns that "Greencroft Meadow will become a parking zone" and a problem with double parking on Cocker Mill Lane were raised too.

"The proposal will negatively impact and remove the last remaining green space in the area" was another worry that was mentioned along with comments that the site is plagued by flooding.

A layout of the plans

A layout of the plans

What one of the homes may look like

What one of the homes may look like

After the plans were amended, another 18 objections were made by residents.

Among the objections it was argued that the "highways improvement works are not adequate for the size of the development and the number of units proposed".

A representation added: "There have been a number of car crashes at the junction between Cocker Mill Lane and Shaw Road.

"The council have a duty of care and this needs to be considered."

After examining the proposals and considering the objections, a council report recommends for the application to be granted by the council's planning committee next week, subject to conditions.

In respect of the road safety concerns, the report said: "A number of representations have been received in relation to the improvement works, to raise concerns that the proposals are not at the level required to mitigate for traffic increase, that would result from the development.

"However, the proposals have been considered by the highways engineer and the improvements are considered acceptable."

In conclusion the report states: "The details submitted for reserved matters are considered to be acceptable and will ensure the development is delivered in an appropriate way.

"The proposals’ proximity and siting means neighbouring amenity would not be impacted to unacceptable levels and highway and pedestrian safety will be maintained."