The Downing Street drinks party which took place on May 20, 2020 has caused uproar throughout the British public after the Prime Minister apologised for his appearance at the event.

Now, The Oldham Times' readers have responded on social media to the question of what they were doing on that day.

Most responded by saying they observed the restrictions that were in place at the time, while others shared personal stories of losing close ones and worrying about how they would be impacted financially.

One reader said she spent May 20 "comforting my best friend's son in the run up to her funeral".

Another wrote that at the time she was "grieving for my great gran who died from Covid", saying she had spent her final weeks "alone and scared".

By May 20, there had been over 36,000 recorded deaths from Covid in England.

Another reader wrote: "My husband was in intensive care from April 12 to June 8 and I got 2 phone calls a day to let me know how he was doing."

The pandemic brought a halt to treatment for many people who were dealing with other health issues, with one reader writing that her father had to have his quadruple bypass heart surgery cancelled.

Many Oldhamers were worried about the financial impact the pandemic was having on them as many people were placed on the government's furlough scheme.

One reader wrote she was on furlough on May 20 and was "concerned about job security, loss of income and how any of us would get out of this pandemic."

Another wrote how they suffered a "loss of income due to business closures".

People also discussed how they spent the time around May 20 alone and isolated from other people.

One reader said she had been "at work for our amazing health service" and that she was forced to celebrate her birthday alone as she could not see other people.

Another said she was vulnerable and so did not see her family or friends and only saw the postman during this period.

Readers have been left overwhelmingly frustrated by the revelation of the Downing Street drinks party as they reflect on the difficult period they endured.