A perimeter hedge is set to be planted around Dawson's Field in Scouthead as part of a scheme to plant more trees in the borough.

Village volunteers Paul and Joan Sykes, with the support of the Austerlands and Scouthead Village Association, managed to secure an investment from City of Trees.

City of Trees is an initiative that aims to deliver a green recovery and address the climate emergency by working with communities, organisations and businesses.

Part of the initiative is to plant trees and restore woodlands for the people and wildlife of Greater Manchester by planting and dedicating a tree to every citizen in the city-region over the next five years.

The hedge is set to form a section of the Northern Forest in Saddleowrth, a 25-year vision to plant 50 million trees between Liverpool and Hull.

Organised by the Woodland Trust and the Community Forest Trust, the aim is to plant woodland totalling 62,000 acres to boost habitats for wildlife.

The Saddleworth Parish Council have pledged their support for Mr and Mrs Sykes' scheme by granting permission for it to take place on their estate.

In 2019, the Civil Parish signed the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, committing to plant for the future, grow forests and protect woodlands.

The scheme has been started by Cllrs Max Woodvine and Luke Lancaster, who have planted a spruce on the Scouthead site.

Cllr Woodvine said: "We are proud to plant what will be, as it grows and develops, a statement spruce because it has kickstarted a sustainable scheme across Saddleworth.

"It is my hope that this will become a permanent focal point in the village and be part of the great environmental development across all villages."

The parish and borough councillors have also secured the rebuilding of the walls around Dawson's Field.

Cllr Lancaster said both Austerlands and Scouthead "have the most active and amazing volunteers striving for high standards and the improvement of this special place within the Civil Parish of Saddleworth."

"It’s thanks to people past and present, like Mr and Mrs Sykes, that these villages are such sought after places to live."