A FAMILY from Oldham have been banned from owning animals for imprisoning a dog in a room with no bedding, no natural light and nowhere to go to the toilet.

Leo, a German Shepherd belonging to Michael Newall, was left in the room at the Covert Road flat of Susan and Lee Stewart, and let out for food and water alone.

The RSPCA became involved around two and a half years ago when inspectors were told the dog was left with the Stewarts after Susan's son Newall, of Shaw Road, moved in with his girlfriend.

They returned to speak to Newall the following day, which is when Leo's appalling living conditions were discovered.

The Oldham Times:

In a statement, inspector Danielle Jennings said: "No bedding was available, just a concrete floor. 

"I closed the door, and I was saddened to see the back of it. 

"Clearly Leo had been trying to bite and scratch his way out."

Inspector Daniel Tomlinson added: "The room had no natural light, the walls were covered in black dirt. I can only describe this room as a cell."

The Oldham Times:

Leo was in an appalling state too, with inflamed eyes, a matted coat and what was later diagnosed as an ear infection.

He was handed to the RSPCA and taken to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for treatment.

The Oldham Times:

In March, Newall and the Stewarts admitted two offences apiece under the Animal Welfare Act.

And last month at Manchester Magistrates' Court Newall, 31, was banned from owning animals for 10 years.

He was also sentenced to a six-week curfew and ordered to cover a total of £612 in court costs.

Susan Stewart, 51, was also banned from owning animals for 10 years.

She was ordered to complete a rehabilitation activity and to cover a total of £622 in court costs.

Lee Stewart, 50, was banned from owning animals for life.

He was ordered to cover a total of £537 in court costs.

Leo was taken into the care of the RSPCA at its site in Warrington.