YOU certainly can’t accuse Danielle Steers of shying away from things.

Keen-eyed theatregoers might recognise her from the world premiere of Bat Out of Hell which opened in Manchester before creating a sensation in the West End.

From there it was into Six, the musical based on the wives of Henry VIII which is arguably one of the hottest tickets around.

And now she’s coming back to Manchester next week in the first UK tour of The Cher Show, celebrating the life of one of the world’s most flamboyant performers.

“I suppose I have been quite lucky when you think of it,” said Danielle, one of three actors who play at different periods of Cher’s life during the show. “Bat Out of Hell was huge being a world premiere and then came Six which was massive and now I’m doing my dream show, playing my dream part, I couldn’t be more thrilled.”


Jake Mitchell and Danielle Steers as Bob Mackie and Lady in The Cher Show (Picture: Pamela Raith)

Jake Mitchell and Danielle Steers as Bob Mackie and Lady in The Cher Show (Picture: Pamela Raith)


Danielle plays Lady - “it’s really the Sonny and Cher Cher” - covering her successful TV show with her then husband Sonny Bono to their divorce.

“I get the height of the Sunny and Cher Comedy Hour but I also get some of the bad times in Cher’s life,” said Danielle.

Anyone expecting a simple jukebox musical featuring hit after hit will be surprised by The Cher Show.

Written by Rick Elice, who was also responsible for the global hit The Jersey Boys, The Cher Show tells Cher’s life story.

“It really is what you’d call a book musical rather than a jukebox musical in the sense that the songs aren’t shoehorned in,” said Danielle. “They are in pretty much chronological order and you get to know so much about Cher and live through her ups and downs; she’s really been through some dark times which people perhaps don’t know too much about.


Lucas Rush as Sonny Bono and Danielle Steers as Lady in The Cher Show and (left) Danielle Steers in full voice (Pictures: Pamela Raith)

Lucas Rush as Sonny Bono and Danielle Steers as Lady in The Cher Show and (left) Danielle Steers in full voice (Pictures: Pamela Raith)


“She’s had a career which spans six decades which is probably why it takes three of us to play her!”

A self-confessed Cher fan, Danielle isn’t kidding when she says she’s got her dream role.

“I’ve always been fan of Cher and soon as heard this show was on Broadway I was like ‘I have to be in that show if it ever comes to the UK’,” she said.

“When I heard it was coming, I was so nervous. I was thinking that if I don’t get this show then I’m done, I’m hanging up my boots. I so wanted to be in it.

“It really is a privilege to be part of this show and I’ve learned so many things about Cher. I didn’t realise the things that Sonny put her through and about the men who have let her down in her life.


Cast of The Cher Show (Picture: Pamela Raith)

Cast of The Cher Show (Picture: Pamela Raith)


“She won an Oscar then didn’t work for two years and then did a hairspray commercial for QVC. That’s crazy, it’s opposite ends of the spectrum but she is still on top; she’s this fierce goddess that everyone looks at as if she’s on another planet. But she’s really worked so hard to get to where she is.

“She’s never stopped fighting.”

Singing the hits would be challenge enough for most performers but Danielle admits being Cher has really tested her acting credentials.

“I feel this is the first show I’ve done where I get to dig in to my acting side and it’s something that through my whole life I’ve not been particularly confident with,” she said.

“This has been a real challenge for me but it’s also so rewarding. To be able to delve into those darker parts of her life is a challenge as an actor and I feel honoured I get to be able to portray that.

“Before doing the show I didn’t realise how painfully shy she actually was which is why she had Sonny by her side singing with her. She’s very vulnerable in the beginning. You can see that even now when she’s being interviewed. She’s got this shy little girl energy about her which is really endearing.

“The wigs and costumes are her armour.”

The Cher Show is directed by Arlene Phillips, former Strictly judge and West End legend. choreographed by Strictly champ Oti Mabuse and features costumes by Gabriella Slade who was responsible for Six and also the Spice Girls most recent world tour.

“We are working with the dream team that’s for sure,” said Danielle. “Arlene and Oti are two fantastic two goddess warriors in their own right”

“They have been so open to us having our creative input which I think is so important. They want us to feel comfortable in what we are doing and I think that shines through on stage.

“For women to come together and create this piece and have fun whilst doing it is just amazing.”

Of all the dates on the tour, Manchester is the one that Danielle had ringed on her calendar from the start.

“It’s where Bat Out of Hell started and where a lot of my fanbase comes from,” she said. “I just love the city and know the audiences are going to go wild and love the show. I can’t wait to be back there; I’m really excited.”

The Cher Show is on a major UK tour with dates through into 2023.

“It’s a cliché but you do have to take it a week at a time,” said Danielle. “I love the glitz, the sparkle and the music. At some point I probably will do something a little more understated but I’m not ready for that yet.”

The Cher Show, Manchester Opera House, Tuesday, May 17 to Saturday, May 21. Details from