With the festival season nearly upon, you might want to start hunting around and gathering all the must-have equipment. 

And if you were panicking about what those essentials are, then look no further as we have all the need to know-how. 

Experts at Go Outdoors have shared their shopping list of everything you will need to bring all to festivals this summer

From a tent all the way to a fleece rug if you fancy adding a bit of luxury to your experience. 

So before you start running to the stores the night before you leave for a weekend of live music, check out the essential list and feel prepared. 

Festival must-haves from Go Outdoors:


You'll need to buy at least one berth up from how many people are planning on sharing the tent. 

That means there will be plenty of space for all your things and if you get a tent with a porch you can leave your muddy wellies outside too, shop at Go Outdoors now.


The more you can fit in the rucksack, the better as it means you'll have to less to carry in your hands.

To find the best rucksack for you, head to a Go Outdoors and see which one takes your fancy. 

Sleeping Bags: 

Temperatures drop significantly overnight, so you'll want a sleeping bag that will keep the heat in. 

It's best to look for a thicker bag and you can get great ones for less than £25 via Go Outdoors. 


Though you might not think you'll need a camping chair, they will come in handy. 

Especially after a long day of dancing and standing on your feet watching your favourite acts, get a camping chair now via the website. 

The Oldham Times: Go Outdoors experts share the festival must-haves. (Go Outdoors)Go Outdoors experts share the festival must-haves. (Go Outdoors)


Always be prepared for the weather to change, it might say sunshine all day but we always know that rain is lurking. 

You can get some packable waterproofs including a waterproof jacket or trousers all from Go Outdoors now. 


The ultimate festival staple, not only are they useful but they're also fashionable. 

The practical footwear will keep your feet dry and mud-free and are well worth the investment, you can see the full range via Go Outdoors. 

Fleece Rug-

Although not essential, a fleece rug may be very handy, especially when the nights get cold and you want to warm up.

Go Outdoors has plenty of great fleeces that you can shop now.

Shop the full range at Go Outdoors.