An Oldham man allowed to walk free after he stole three times from Morrisons and assaulted a woman was imprisoned after he assaulted the same woman again.

David Handley, of Hawksley Street, stole more than £160 of goods from the supermarket, including £24 of Fairy Pods, in the space of only three days in January.

A little over a week later, Handley also assaulted a woman.

He was handed a 12-week suspended sentence in March.

Undeterred, Handley assaulted the same woman again on June 2, this time causing his victim actual bodily harm.

After admitting the offence at Manchester Magistrates' Court, he was last week sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.

The 12-week suspended sentence was also activated to take the total to 24 weeks in prison.

Handley, 35, was ordered by magistrates to cover £128 in costs.