A preview trailer has been released for a new Come Dine With Me show set to feature an Oldham barbecue restaurant.

The Old School BBQ Bus, based on Alford Street in Hollinwood, announced on social media last week that it would be appearing on Come Dine With Me: The Professionals.

Representing the eatery on the show will be director Mark Fairley and head chef Dawn as they compete against other restaurants in Greater Manchester.

Now, a new advert released by Channel 4 has shown the pair sticking meat down on the grill and dancing at the restaurant.

The show will take on a similar format to the classic Come Dine With Me, with each episode seeing three independent restaurants competing to be crowned the best restaurant in their area.

There will also be a £1,000 cash prize to be shared amongst the staff.

Each restaurant will be represented by a team of two who will look to impress their counterparts.

According to Channel 4, the dinners will take place during a normal service, so the visitors will have the chance to see the atmosphere, the food and the service.

At the end of each meal, the visiting restaurant pairs will score the evening out of 20 with the highest scorers overall scooping the prize. 

In a video posted online Mark said it was "an amazing experience to be part of" but added it was "gruelling" due to the long days of filming.

The Old School BBQ Bus serves traditional American barbecue food and often hosts live music and comedy events.

The show itself will begin airing on Monday, June 27 on Channel 4, with The Old School BBQ Bus appearing on Friday, July 1 at 5pm.

In the video on social media, Mark said the restaurant will be having a live viewing which people are welcome to attend.