Phillip Schofield has issued a cry for help on Instagram after becoming the victim of a facemask fail.

The co-presenter of This Morning, who was born in Oldham, shared a video on his Instagram Stories on Tuesday night, June 21, with the message "Help!!!" alongside clips of him battling to position a moisturising mask on his face.

The video taken from the 60-year-old presenter’s bed was filmed after Phillip appeared on the ITV daytime show Good Morning alongside Holly Willoughby.

The Oldham Times:

Phillip later saw the funny side. (Image: A screenshot taken from Phillip Schofield's Instagram stories). 

In the clips Phillip sighs while trying to smooth out the mask and muttering “I can’t do this; I’m so rubbish at this. I can’t smooth it out, it’s stuck in my eye”.

The presenter later admits the mask feels “nice” before reappearing in a clip taken 20 minutes later and commenting “There are more wrinkles in the mask than there are on my face”, later adding “This isn’t right at all, oh god”.

Phillip then huffs and says, “I should have been standing up to do this” before breaking out into laughter and acknowledging, “This was a very bad idea”.

The presenter later added a photograph of the mask to his Instagram Stories alongside the caption “It’s like a horror movie”.

The Oldham Times:

The facemask behind the fiasco. (Image: A screenshot taken from Phillip Schofield's Instagram stories).