The husband of a care home resident is confused about squirrels, which he says have gone missing.

Margaret Walters has lived at the leafy Coppice Nursing Home for three years.

Squirrels used to visit regularly but husband Brian says they haven’t been in weeks.

Living with dysphasia, Margaret, aged 80, has some trouble communicating – but enjoys feeding the squirrels.

Brian Walters, aged 82, has been married to Margaret for 58 years.

Brian says the happy couple met in 1960 while serving in the armed forces in Germany.

In 2019, Margaret moved into Coppice Nursing Home from their home in Bardsley.

Ever since she moved in, Margaret and other residents of the nursing home have enjoyed the company of the many local squirrels, who eat from the food put out by the residents.

But recently, Brian says the squirrels have stopped visiting.

He said: “The squirrels have been around the trees and whatnot at the back of the Coppice for as long as I’ve known it.

“Some of them will come through the window and help themselves to peanuts out of a dish.

“Everybody’s got quite used to it.

“But there’s not been a sign of any for three weeks – not even out in the grounds.”

The Oldham Times: Residents enjoy watching squirrels eat from the bird tables. Photo: Brian WaltersResidents enjoy watching squirrels eat from the bird tables. Photo: Brian Walters

Brian isn’t sure where the squirrels have gone, saying: “It seems rather odd because there were a number of them – and I would think there was at least a couple of dozen of them.

“Now there are none, which seems odd.”

Brian said the squirrels were still in nearby Werneth Park but had disappeared from the grounds of the nursing home.

A member of staff from the nursing home said family members of residents bring nuts to put out for the critters – but hadn’t noticed any fewer squirrels than normal.

Brian just wants answers – he said: “I hoped somebody might know why they’re not there.

“I’m just grasping at straws, really – I can’t doing about it.”

Coppice Nursing Home refused a request to comment on this story.

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