As the South prepares for thunderstorms and torrential rain today, Oldhamers can look forward to mostly bright and sunny spells from Thursday through to the weekend.

Friday is likely to be a cloudy and cooler day compared to today with occasional bright spells.

Sunny intervals in the morning will turn cloudy by midday.

And scattered showers will appear later in the afternoon with possible thunder don't he way for Friday evening.

Still, Oldhamers can expect temperatures in the region of 21C to 22C.

Unfortunately, the weather isn't looking great for the weekend with spots of showers, even longer spells of rain and brisk southwesterly winds.

Despite the wind and rain, Saturday still has the potential to be pleasantly warm, with temperatures reaching 19C.

Sunday, however, is expected to be unsettled with frequent showers, wind and even possible hail and thunder later into the afternoon.

The max temperature for Sunday is 18C.