Nostalgic readers of The Oldham Times have taken a trip down memory lane and shared the favourite places they visited while growing up in the borough.

Readers responded in their droves to a social media callout by The Oldham Times on Facebook which asked: ‘Where was your favourite to go in Oldham as a kid?’

Sharing some of his most treasured childhood memories, Tex Healy said: “Playing football on Glodwick Lows Oldham Edge with about 20 mates until it was too dark to play.”

Paul Heeney replied: “Always the best place, plus camping on the Edge”.

Dave Cassells, meanwhile, would frequent Westwood Park Recreation Ground where he would play rugby with his brothers.

Dave wrote: “We would play for hours and come home in the dark and our shirts ripped off our backs. Great memories.”

Alexandra Park also got several shoutouts as well as Werneth Park and Glodwick Lows.

Joanne Walker said: “As a kid I loved going to Alexandra Park especially in summer when the launch was doing trips around the lake. Happy memories.”

Val Cummings added: “Alexandra Park paddling pool and, on the launch,” and Tammy Williams said: “Alexandra Park with my dad and brothers”.

Carl Molloy went to Hathershaw Swimming Baths every Saturday, Ste Mellor visited Boundary Park “in the good old days”, and Thomas Birch called Glodwick Lows “a massive adventure playground” on his doorstep, adding: “Happy memories of growing up on Glodwick /Roundthorn”.

Several readers shared fond memories of Trax Roller Skating Rink.

Barbara Shaw said: “Loved taking the kids to Trax Roller skating on Rock Street, whizzing round to Thriller/Michael Jackson video, I enjoyed it more than them”.

Agreeing, Stuart Heathcote said: “They were the best days growing up has a teenager going Traxs most nights there was nothing else to do back then I think everybody from Oldham got the skating bug, loved it.”

Gina Smith then commented: “Met my husband there in 1987.”

Oldham’s former nightlife scene also got several mentions, with the Astoria ballroom at the Star Inn, where The Beatles played in 1963, proving a favourite haunt for many.

Denise May said: “Astoria, Monday night under 16 disco, brilliant.”

Gary Salisbury recollected: “Must have been around 1967 I remember going in my new hipsters thought I was so cool”.

Kathryn Morgan added: “I went on a Saturday afternoon loved the glamour of the staircase and flashing lights” and Lynn Buckley said: “Used to go every week between the age of 11 and 13, loved it.”

The Oldham Times:

The Beatles playing the Astoria Ballroom in 1963. (Photo: Oldham Local Studies and Archives). 

Reminiscing about the borough’s former club scene, Graham Wilson said: “Too many places to mention, great pubs and clubs all through the ’70s and ’80s.

“Didn’t need to go to Manchester much in those days.”

The Victoria Indoor Market also featured in the comments, as well as the Odeon and Tommyfield Market.

Discussing where he would go as a child, Lee Cheetham said: “Anywhere my Grandad wanted to walk sometimes we'd go to the old Victoria Indoor Market, loved it there so much character.

Bernadette Patterson said: “Odeon on a Saturday morning and Wimpy Bar if we could afford it, a very rare treat”, and Mike Leeks added: “ABC cinema and Odeon kids Saturday morning shows.”

A couple of cafes also hold strong memories for readers.

Remembering his trips to The Piazza café growing up, Cllr Sam Al-Hamdani said: “My mum would take me for a toasted teacake and a glass of lime and lemonade after we did the shopping. Every Thursday night after school for years.”

Abby Lancaster replied: “I think my mum would take me and my sister there for a toasted tea cake and hot chocolate after the Saturday market.”

Meanwhile, Todd Obrien said: “Littlewoods, opposite market hall. There was something about walking in out of the cold, into the warm and smelling the aromas from the cafe.”

Agreeing, Sukey Best said: “Littlewoods cafe for chips and gravy” and Karen Hough added: “Littlewoods cafe for a jam doughnut with my mum”.